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Interview with Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace

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This month Tim Wallace spoke with 'The Review Magazine' about his work, his back ground and a little of what he in his roll as a UK based commercial automotive car photographer though his drive in creating photography today that have become iconic to some brands such as Aston Martin. Tim Wallace is a critically acclaimed photographer who's breathtaking work spans the commercial and advertising industries. Tim started out in the darkrooms of the Daily Mail where he developed his unique appriecation for tone and contrast. Having had work published in the Times, Guardian and Independent, Tim's career was clearly on track. Fast forward to the UK recession and Tim decided to join the Royal Navy and went on to serve with 42 Commando Royal Marines in many parts of the world. In 2006 Tim decided it was time to go back to a career in photography and so established AmbientLife. Over the past decade AmbientLife have worked with a Who's who of automotive royalty, from Morgan and Aston Martin to Chevrolet and Lamborghini, Tim's work is highly sought after. This is compounded by his string of awards; International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year and UK Motor Industry Car Photographer of the Year to name but a few.
His ability to create shots that showcase a cars personality and soul are unparalleled. We take a look back at a selection of Tim's fantastic body of work.