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Car Photographer Feature - Focus magazine

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Today saw the publication of a major feature on Tim's automotive car photography in the world wide photographic publication 'Focus'. The publication showcases some of Tim's best known car photography and discusses his approach and attitudes to his work in this field in a frank and open interview with journalist Trevor Lansdown.

"...when it comes to light, the light we get from nature is the best ambient quality light there is. Generally it’s an underused light source that is always on tap. People say to me: “Well look at this image. You shot this with only two heads?” And I say; “Yeah …..because I’ve got the sun too. I shot a 1967 Ferrari Dino which was almost in total shadow, straight into the sun and it worked really well. I had scattered cloud; I had the sun with an almost moonlike appearance and I had trees casting long shadows.”

One of Tim’s clients, logistics giant Culina, asked him if he could make one of their 80 foot-long Mercedes wagons ‘look as good as your Aston Martin images?’
“I told them I could make a chopper bike look as good as my Aston martin shots if I was asked to do it. But the Culina brief was a really challenging shoot. We had to do a week’s work in two days. We found an abandoned airfield and I had shafts of sunlight falling on the Culina logo at the back while I lit the vehicle from the front. It looked great – and they ordered 500 40x30 framed prints for their offices all over the world.”

“For me each car I shoot has a personality – in exactly the same way as a human being has a personality. The art is in capturing it in an image.”