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Ferrari 612 Scaglietti shoot near Milan

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The Scaglietti may well be the dream car that offers just about the perfect combination of speed, luxury and safety, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti definitely sets roads on fire and in this latest image from commercial car photographer Tim Wallace for our UK client we can see this impressive model represented on some photography showing the scene on the pass road leading down into Milan from the north.

Named after one of Ferrari's legendary coachbuilder, Sergio Scaglietti, supercar Ferrari 612 Scaglietti's styling is setting standards for others to emulate. The cockpit of this sports car can in fact be personalized further thanks to the Carrozzeria Scaglietti program.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a 12-cylinder sports car, which means increased power at your disposal. The light-alloy technology that has been incorporated in the body means that despite the size of the supercar there is still a saving of around 60 kilograms when compared to the other fast cars of this segment. The technology also allows for increased structural rigidity which converts into greater safety.

The racing car boasts o the latest in traction control system. In fact this is the first time that such an advanced traction control system is making an appearance in a Ferrari. With 5,748cc at your disposal the sports car leaves the competition way behind. At 7,250 rpm and 540 bhp you can accelerate to an exhilarating 100 km/h from standstill all in a matter of 4.2 seconds. Speed buffs can look forward to achieving a top speed of 315 km/h or 196 mph. Coupled with such a lively engine is the six-speed mechanical gear box. You have a choice of either manual or paddle shifts, the kind of which you find only in F-1 cares. The gear box incorporates the latest electro-hydraulic system. The system enables ultras-smooth and fast gear changes. This is yet another winning proposition among sports cars from the house of Ferrari.