Welcome to new client 'Polished Bliss'

This week we would like to welcome 'Polished Bliss' into our client family. This exciting and relatively new company is based in Scotland and recently approached Ambient Life when they were looking to develop and launch a new dynamic web site to carry their business forward into 2010. After several months of hard work and vision that goal has been reached and the new Polished Bliss site launched yesterday to fantastic reviews and comment within the industry.
Polished Bliss are a thriving car care business operating out of the heart of Aberdeenshire in north-east Scotland. In just three short years they have grown from nothing more than a vision to become one of the most well known and respected specialist car care businesses in the UK. Whether by providing quality products to offering expert advice, their primary aim is to enable all of their customers to experience the feeling of satisfaction and joy that can only be described as polished bliss.

After a long period of planning, in the spring of this year Polished Bliss entered into a re-branding and web development partnership with Green Jersey, who were tasked with designing a new company logo and building a brand new e-commerce website to better reflect the position of Polished Bliss in the marketplace. Working with Ambient Life photography as background banners throughout the new website has resulted in a unique design being produced that is very different to many other car care related websites, and which brilliantly sets of the range of products, services and advice on offer.
In 2010, this relationship will be cemented further when Tim will be undertaking further work with the Polished Bliss team to shoot a selection of freshly detailed cars, and also to shoot the detailing process as it is undertaken. The resulting images will be gradually introduced to the website, adding relevance and authenticity to an already fantastic design concept. Looking even further ahead, it is envisaged that an Ambient Life photography package will be made available as an optional extra on the Ne Plus Ultra detailing service offered by Polished Bliss, enabling clients to preserve a moment of perfection in time in a truly fitting and memorable way.

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