Search And Rescue Project
With HM Coastguard and Bristow SAR

This week we were shooting more work of the SAR (Search And Rescue) Bristow Operation at Prestwick in Scotland as part of a project for HM Coastguard to help raise awareness of the importance and work of the SAR operations around the UK
Our work with Search And Rescue - Bristow Operations and HM Coastguard

Over the last few years commercial photographer Tim Wallace has spent time with the Bristow SAR Operation (Search And Rescue) based at Prestwick in Scotland for HM Coastguard. The SAR previously operated two state of the art S-92 helicopters which are the most advanced aircraft in Sikorsky's civil product line, with the necessary speed, capacity and operational range to meet the needs of the UK search and rescue environment, later in July 2017 the SAR moved over to the new Leonardo AW189 and they have enjoyed great success with this new helicopter. The AW189 aircraft is state of the art and has the agility and flexibility to respond to the wide spectrum of search and rescue taskings within the SAR operating area.

Bristow Helicopters was awarded the contract to operate the civilian search and rescue (SAR) helicopter service for the UK on behalf of Her Majesty's Coastguard in 2015. The contract represents a continuation of Bristow’s British heritage of providing first-class SAR services in the UK. It is a great success for Bristow Helicopters and a huge endorsement of the company’s reputation for excellence in SAR.

This is a service that people rely on in a time of need. Bristow fully understands the responsibilities that go with providing search and rescue in the UK and the company is committed to delivering a service that meets and exceeds the high expectations demanded. Bristow work closely with national and local agencies such as the coastguard, police, fire service, mountain rescue teams and voluntary community groups, to ensure the delivery of a world-class SAR operation in the UK.
The crews are experienced and highly skilled, and are trained, qualified and certified to the highest standards to coordinate and execute SAR operations.

The company has enormous respect for the service that its military colleagues have provided over the last 70 years of UK Search and Rescue. Their legacy, heritage and experience is being honored and carried forward by Bristow in the new contract.
Bristow Helicopters has welcomed many ex-military personnel to its civilian SAR workforce after delivering SAR with the Royal Air Force or Royal Navy. Their experience and local knowledge is a vital part of maintaining exceptional service in the UK.

Tim "Shooting the SAR in Scotland has been a project that has taken some time to carefully arrange properly and one that I was very keen to ensure that we fulfilled to the best of our ability. The work of the men and women of the SAR is vital and I have the greatest respect for both their professionalism and skill, as well as the fact that they put their lives at risk on a regular basis to fly in all weathers for the good of those that need them most when they are in distress. It was an honour to spend time with the team at Prestwick. I would like to extend my very great thanks to Jamie Murray GCGI SAR Pilot for helping the project and shoot as well as Lloyd Shanahan MSc MCGI SAR Pilot."

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