Feature Interview with Chiiz Magazine USA

The July Edition of Chiiz Magazine is a special Automotive Edition and Commercial Car Photographer Tim Wallace was this month invited to be their feature interview showcasing some of his work over the last few years working within the automotive industry.

Chiiz Editorial

Automotive photography is not just a genre of photography; it is a lifestyle choice. It takes a lot skill and knowledge of the vehicles to effectively take a photograph. Automotive photography is more than just pointing the camera at a vehicle and hoping for a good shot. Each shot is a unique attempt to capture the vehicle’s purpose and personality.

Chiiz Volume 28: Automotive Photography Special brings to you the unique world of automobiles and showcases the various moods of the vehicles, from ignignition to the halt. We have Shraddha Kadakia, who is not only a brilliant photographer, but also a formidable entrepreneur who works towards elevating the profession of photography.

This issue is replete with creative and talented photographers like Arun Manoharan, who are at the top of their game when it comes to automotive photography. He combines his creative side with technical skills to produce top-notch results for the biggest brands in the automobile industry. Also showcasing the work of skilled photographers like Peter Lindemann, Asif Zubairi and Francois Joseph Berger, this automotive photography special promises more than just photographs of automobiles. The work of these photographers tell a story and tell us so much about the subjects, like they are developing a character of a story with a single picture.

Apart from automotive photography, there are photographers like Alvaro Cubero whose wildlife photographs are a marvel to behold. Model of the Month, RIya Subodh’s portfolio just goes on to reaffirm her as one of the talented models of the country. Last but not the least is the Chiiz Gallery- the best of chiiz.com where photographers from across the globe have made their contribution.
To the untrained eye, a photo is just a photo; but to a photographer, every photograph is unique in its form and format. It is up to us to appreciate each photograph as a piece of art, created with heart and soul and made to draw the viewer in its story. So, as you flip through these pages, try to understand the thought- process of the photographer and the story that the photographer has attempted to narrate via this visual medium we call photography.

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