McLaren - New Super Series Work Launched

Commercial car photographer Tim Wallace has been working with our client McLaren over the last few years on a number of commissions for the British supercar manufacturer and this week the McLaren Super Series Accessories Brochure was launched live globally featuring Tims work.

In 2019 commercial car photographer Tim Wallace worked once again with our client McLaren on what was our third commission for the UK supercar manufacturer.
The brief was to create all the photography for required for our client ‘McLaren’ to be used in the production of their new Super Series Accessory Brochure that would launch globally in late December 2019. The shot list was comprehensive and consisted of both full body shots as well and complex overheads and all the upgrades and optional parts and accessories that were to be offered to McLaren owners. A total of 43 separate and completed images were required, all needing to be consistent with each other in style and feel and all high in quality as the client would be using them in both web form and in print media.
The entire shoot was based around the McLaren 720s and we would be working with 2 specific cars with the 720s Coupe and the 720s Spider, both in different colours. These vehicles would all be fitted with the options and various accessories to allow us to capture everything from the handcrafted carbon through to the smallest of details and modifications as well as covering all the interior work across both cars.

Here is a brief look at some of that work as well as a project book of work showing the photography and the clients final usage globally.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is a bespoke division, dedicated to helping take McLaren ownership to a whole new level. MSO create cars around an owner’s precise tastes, and are able to provide everything from bespoke customisation options through to building ultra-exclusive limited-edition or one-off models.
Their mission is to make what is already special into something truly unique, to create your perfect McLaren.
Commercial photographer Tim Wallace has been working closely with our client McLaren for a number of years to create the stunning photography that is used in their brochures.

The very first project that we worked on with Mclaren was to shoot the accessories brochure for the MSO division. The brief was to complete a comprehensive suite of 54 high-quality beautiful photographic assets to be utilised to create the 2019 McLaren ‘Genuine Accessories Catalogue’ that launched globally in February 2019 to the world. The entire shoot would be based around the McLaren 570S and would need to fully capture the entire range of options that would be available, from the handcrafted carbon through to body modifications, as well as all the interior upgrade options. Once completed the brochure would be available through the global McLaren website and within the ownership portal. McLaren had a very precise requirement for how all the completed images should look and feel, and with new corporate image guidelines in place the photography would need to strictly follow these to allow the suite of images to all tie together when placed within the final brochure. Later Tim went onto to shoot the brochure work for the MSO HDK (High Downforce Kit) and in 2019 we were tasked with shooting the Super Series brochure using two dedicated 720s cars to feature all the product upgrades.

Behind the scenes in studio

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