On The Streets

Back in 2014 and 2015 we did some events to support a local charity in the North Wales region that run 'The King’s Storehouse Food Bank', this was to help raise money for warm clothing, sleeping bags etc as well as all important food for the growing numbers of people who find themselves living on the streets. Many of these people have found themselves in this awful position through no fault of their own and they come from all walks of life both young and old. People with mental health issues, ex forces people, and people who simply need a helping hand to get them back on their feet.

Today in these difficult times of lock downs and the COVID virus issues many of us are literally living in our own bubbles but the struggle of those on the street continues. We are reaching out and looking to do some sort of event again that will bring in much needed food to the food-bank to help theses people. Our difficulty is that due to the current situation the methods we have used before are not really possible so we are looking for suggestions.
There have been 2 events that we have organised previously with 'The King’s Storehouse Food Bank' through the help of Sarah Jones who is heavily involved in the charity for many years with her husband . Our first was at held at the Colwyn Bay Theatre where we did a light hearted talk with a question ands answer session for those interested in photography. This was a really big success and raised funds that where collected directly into the charity as well as much needed food for the food bank. I stress that at all the events that we have done any payments or donations made are done so through the charity directly and AmbientLife are not involved in any collection, our role is simply to try and raise awareness and also help raise the food to support the food bank.

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Our second event we held at the local Sure Hope Church in Colywn Bay with there support and again we did a talk about growing up with photography and how it had changed over the years. That year the food bank was very short of food and with it then being the lead up to Christmas we changed our tack and asked only for people who wanted to attend to bring some bags or boxes or food, with that being the cost of admission. Again we had a very high response and the food bank really achieved a huge boost that was much needed just before the festive season but in enough time to be able to get that out to homeless people and families that needed it.
We had some framed prints at that event also that we auctioned off through the charity and this brought in some funds for warm bedding and sleeping bags also.

tim wallace, homeless, foodbank, charity

Some background on previous events to help the homeless that we have helped to support

Be Inspired - Charity Event at Colony Bay Theatre

Raise a Smile - Charity Event at Colony Bay

Raise a Smile - Charity Event at Sure Hope Church

With the COVID crisis currently affecting all our lives at the moment it is a challenge to do something that follows in the same sort of format so we are asking for idea’s in clever ways that we can maybe look at doing something this year given that the social distancing and the restrictions on mass gatherings will most likely stay in place for some time. We currently are wondering if an online event may be possible and also the possibility of again auctioning prints etc through the charity directly. AmbientLife at no point can be involved in any donation handling and as we have always done in the past, this would need to be tied in through the 'The King’s Storehouse Food Bank' charity, we are simply putting ourselves forward again to try and offer something that will help bring in whats needed and help those we can that are less fortunate. Being homeless is a really difficult thing for many people, especially the young and it really does effect many people across our society at points in their lives.

If you have idea’s that will help us help others then we would love to hear from you so please do get in touch.


Thank you!