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New Business classes part 1 and 2 launch in the US on KelbyOne


Earlier in 2017 Tim spent a week out in the US filming with the team from KelbyOne to record some new classes including a in depth two part strategy business class. We are pleased to announce that today that both Part 1 and Part 2 launched on the KelbyOne main website are available to view.
Tim starts you on your own journey toward the next level of success in your business. This is a two part class, where Tim draws from the lessons he’s learned through his own failures and triumphs, to help you understand business better. …Read the full article here

Welcome to new Antwerp-based concierge client - Private Services


This month we would like to welcome onboard Private Services based in Belgium.
The company is brand new and only just launched this month offering a high end concierge service. Photographer Tim Wallace worked with the founders of the company over the months leading up to the launch to put together a provision of stock imagery that was in fitting with their company launch and brand. …Read the full article here

The Big Photo Magazine UK - Aston Book Interview with Tim Wallace


The Big Photo Magazine this month featured a interview with commercial transport photographer Tim Wallace. The magazine article centres on Tim's new Aston Martin Book that was recently released and talks to him about what it was like to take on a project of such a magnitude that took Tim years to complete. …Read the full article here

New US class launches on KelbyOne
Shooting and Compositing Commercial Projects with Tim Wallace


Tim was out in Florida USA recently with the team from KelbyOne to record some new classes including a in depth two part strategy business class and also a on location lighting class based on working and shooting a scene ready for composite work. We are pleased to announce that today the first of those new classes launched on the KelbyOne main website is available to view.

Join Tim Wallace as he takes you through his entire process, from planning through completing the final composite, of photographing an airplane for a commercial project. In this class you’ll learn how Tim approaches the job, the planning that goes into each element of the final image, what factors you need to keep in mind when shooting, and how Tim pulls it all together in post processing. Through each step in the process, Tim shares tips and techniques he’s learned and developed from years of shooting similar commercial transport projects all over the world. …Read the full article here

PSW 2018 Orlando USA - Schedule Announced


Each year Tim delivers both live shoot seminars and also workshops in various countries across the globe from the US and Europe to the Far East.
He talks in depth about subjects such as work flow, commercial photography, business development, and how to improve your technique as well as also appearing at events all over the from PSW in the US to GPP in Dubai on stage in front of a live audience. Below you will find our current listing for events that are available along with the associated links to find out more information and make a booking. …Read the full article here

AP Magazine UK - Interview with Tim Wallace


This month saw the release of the September edition of AP magazine that features a in depth interview with commercial transport photographer Tim Wallace where he talks through his work, some techniques, as well as a little behind the scenes on what it takes to operate as a car photographer in the commercial world today. …Read the full article here

Aston Martin Book 'Portfolio Of Dreams'
Worldwide Launch with signing of 100 Limited Edition Books by Tim Wallace


We are extremely proud and honoured to officially announce that the Aston Martin Book 'Portfolio Of Dreams' was officially launched this month with Sir Stirling Moss writing the foreword to photographer Tim Wallace's Aston book that journeys through the life and models of Aston Martin from the very first prototype car to the very latest models of today. The book project has been a mammoth piece of work over 4 years between Aston in the UK and Automotive Car and Commercial Transport Photographer Tim Wallace.
It is a wonderful celebration of Aston Martin through their first 100 years and is a major publication of nearly 700 pages of stunning photography from Tim capturing each of their significant models built and created over that time. It includes some very famous cars through the years, race winners, and starts its journey from the very first Bamford Martin car all the way through to the infamous DB5 and onwards to the latest DBS and One77 models of recent years. Printing of the book commenced last month and the first 100 limited editions were recently signed by Tim and quickly sold out. The book is now on general release and is available to purchase through Aston. …Read the full article here

US Filming with KelbyOne


This month Tim was out in Florida USA with the team from KelbyOne to record a in depth two part strategy business class and also a on location lighting class based on working and shooting a scene ready for composite work. Tim has been closely working with KelbyOne for over 7 years now and in that time the team there have filmed and produced a vast array of classes with Tim covering such subjects as lighting on location, pro lighting with multiple heads, detail lighting, car interiors, working with available light as well as many many others. …Read the full article here

Welcome to new client Viezu


This month we would like to welcome Viezu to AmbientLife
Viezu Technologies offer the very best vehicle ecu remapping and car tuning service available anywhere in the world and Viezu has been driving for perfection in the science of car tuning and remap software without compromise for many years. …Read the full article here

Virage Aston Martin Magazine


This edition features various work from photographer Tim Wallace including a major feature on some beautiful classic Aston Martin DB MkIII's.
The feature article traces the history of two very special DB MkIII's, a drophead and a saloon that have now been reunited 56 years after they left the Newport Pagnell factory of Aston Martin. …Read the full article here

Porsche 911Turbo S
Zurich Master Class Lighting Seminar


This week UK based commercial photographer Tim Wallace was in Zurich working with Light+Byte AG to hold both a Master Class in automotive lighting and also a Business Class. …Read the full article here

Ligier Le Mans LMP2 JS P217 in bare carbon
RLR Msport team


This week commercial photographer Tim Wallace got to grips with shooting the brand new Ligier Le Mans LMP2 JS P217 in its bare carbon state for your client RLR Msport team based in England.
Onroak Automotive gave its new sport-prototype the name of Ligier JS P217: “JS”, in continuation of the models built by Guy Ligier whose name included the initials of his late friend Jo Schlesser, and “P217” in reference to the LMP2 category and the year 2017 …Read the full article here

Dymag Carbon Boxstrom 7X and 7Y


This week Tim was working with our client to shoot the new Dymag Carbon Boxstrom 7X and 7Y wheels.
AmbientLife has been working with Dymag since early 2015 to help create a suite of digital assets that the company use to promote their brand and products commercially throughout the World through advertising, media and at trade shows such as SEMA in the US. Dymag are an elite British performance wheel brand with an unparalleled history of innovation and technology in motorsport which has led the way in wheel design and production for more than four decades. …Read the full article here

Ligier LMP3 Le Mans
RLR Msport team


Le Mans in its essence has always captured the imagination of so many people over the years that enjoy racing and motorsport.
This month Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace spent some time with the RLR Motor Sport Team who are based in the UK to shoot their Ligier LMP3 Le Mans car …Read the full article here

Bristow SAR
Search And Rescue Project


In early March commercial photographer Tim Wallace spent some time with the Bristow SAR Operation (Search And Rescue) based at Prestwick in Scotland.
The SAR team which includes two state of the art S-92 helicopter which are the most advanced aircraft in Sikorsky's civil product line, with the necessary speed, capacity and operational range to meet the needs of the UK search and rescue environment. …Read the full article here

FujiHolics UK Seminars Announced


We are thrilled to announce a new suite of UK based seminars from Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace sponsored through our friends at FujiHolics
In 2016 Tim held a number of training seminars with FujiHolics and these were very well received indeed by all that attended. Tim normally talks in the US at events such as Photoshop World in Florida but was really keen to return on to the FujiHolics team for 2017 to hold a further suite of training workshops and seminars that cover such subjects as lighting, post edit work and also commercial business advice and that would all be based in the UK. …Read the full article here

Welcoming to 'Chippindale Plant Hire' as a new client this week


Tim has have just finished a few days shooting for the client to create a range of photography assets that will be used in the building of their new website that is expected to launch in March this year.
The marketing team at Chippindale contacted commercial photographer Tim Wallace in early 2017 as they were making a further investment into their brand and online presence with a new commercial website and required a suite of professional image assets that could be both used for this new site as well as additional material for marketing and promotion …Read the full article here

N39° 33' 47 W2° 20' 43


N39° 33' 47 W2° 20' 43 off the coast of Palma was the central location for commercial transport photographer Tim Wallace as he worked with a team to complete a commercial shoot of the luxury yacht 'Genevieve' for our yacht charter client based in New York. …Read the full article here

USA Dates and Schedules Announced


Photoshop World is coming to Orlando Florida USA!
Some of the worlds top photographers converge to take part in the PSW event which has now grown to be one of the biggest in the world. Tim is amongst those invited each year to be an instructor at the event where he gives a wide selection of classes including business based talks in relation to the world of professional commercial photography, lighting classes, special pre con events, and performs a live car shoot on stage within the convention centre. …Read the full article here

Zurich Seminars Announced


We are pleased to announce the dates and schedules for Tim's Zurich seminars for 2017 with our partner Light+Byte in Switzerland
There will be two Master Class events set for June 2017 …Read the full article here

Good luck to our client at their product launch


Good luck today to my good friends and clients Vincent and Sophie as they launch their new Company at the Paris Retromobile Show.
It was my pleasure to do all the photography for their launch and new website. Great people and great products.
The very best wishes for today for your exciting launch …Read the full article here

The BIG Ten!


Wow ten years, what a journey!

Firstly and most importantly I would like to thank all the amazing people that I have worked with over the last ten years, clients and agencies alike, all of you are part of AmbientLife and have very much played a key role in its success to date. The simple truth is that without you we would not be where we are today. So a very big thank you to you all for your support, and for all the projects that we have worked together on over the last ten years. …Read the full article here

The Cartwright Group
2017 Commercial Photography with our client for their new website launch


Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace has been working with our client, The Cartwright Group, over the last two weeks to create a suite of digital assets across their business sectors and locations that will be used in their new corporate website that is set to launch later this year. The Cartwright Group are a UK based company that deal with commercial vehicles across a field of area's such as conversions, fleet services and parts. …Read the full article here

Dymag new product work
British based Performance Racing Wheel Manufacturer


This week commercial photographer Tim Wallace was shooting some further commercial based work for our UK client Dymag as they prepare 2 new products for Worldwide launch as well as creating a asset library of images covering their motorcycle products including their forged Aluminium race wheels that have accomplished stunning times in racing at events across the world such as the Isle of Man TT.
Tim has been working with Dymag since early 2015 to create digital image assets that the company use to promote their brand marketing throughout the World. …Read the full article here

Client Pall-Ex Launches New Website


Several months ago AmbientLife photographer Tim Wallace was approached by Hilary Devey's (Ex Dragons Den Entrepreneur) marketing team to look at a large project to totally transform and create a library of dynamic image assets that would be used in the build of a brand new global website for her Palletised Freight Distribution Company Pall-Ex. Tim spent 3 days this week working through the project with the Pall-Ex team to deliver a spectrum of photography that has now been implemented into a new corporate global site for the company that launched a few days ago. …Read the full article here