High Quality Automotive Car, Aviation, Marine and Commercial Photography
Stock Syndication Image Assets for Commercial and Advertising use
Our image syndication service offers exceptional quality images, fully licensed to your needs with a creative edge, to support clients marketing.
Choosing to look at stock syndication image assets for a marketing or advertising campaign whether that be either above or below the line can be a very cost-effective way to get the right visual feel to your project. At AmbientLife we offer a very broad range of image assets that can be licensed effectively as the client project requires. We also do not offer any of stock through online stock libraries allowing our clients to have the peace of mind that we are in total control of all our image assets avoiding the potential risks that another company could go live with the same or similar image during the term of a campaign, as can often happen with royalty free low-cost libraries online.

We like to work closely with you to ensure you get the right visual presence for your campaign and many of our stock clients go on to have dedicated commercial shoots done in the years that follow, this not only offered and personal dedicated expansion of the image assets open for the client but also keeps the work style consistent across their media or marketing channels.

Digital online versions of our new Client Industry Portfolios are available for view by agents, buyers and clients here or you can browse through to our Books below. The books are compatible across all devices from iPhone and iPad to normal computer platforms and is updated each quarter throughout the year and contains all our latest work, requests to see our full printed book in person can be made by contacting us here.

Professionally syndicated stock can often offer a very cost effective way to get the right imagery for a commercial project or advertising campaign.

'Plan B' is dedicated simply to the supply of professional high-quality stock photographic images for both commercial, marketing, and magazine / book use within the business and publication sectors. Offering either exclusive or rights managed options on work by multi award winning commercial photographer Tim Wallace through our syndication program directly. We often work with art directors and buyers to provide creative high-quality photography that can really add value to a project or editorial piece. Our main server holds a truly massive catalogue of work that covers mainly our specialist field of automotive car photography as well as additional content such as yachts and general commercial work and engineering photography. All our work is ready for use and can be supplied in both high resolution and web resolution with files being transmitted anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently for our clients.

Client Case Examples

Vincent Piront SA - Belgium
The company are based in Belguim and specialise in the renovation of industrial buildings. Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace worked closely with the Piront team over the course of a few months to help supply and create a series of large photography display items of work that were used in their most recent large building project which was all based on housing a car and helicopter collection for a private client.

Private Concierge Services - Belgium
The company approached us as they were preparing to launch a new business internationally offering a high end concierge service.
Photographer Tim Wallace worked with the founders of the company over the months leading up to the launch to put together a provision of stock imagery that was in fitting with their company launch and brand.

Yorkshire Classic and Sports Cars - UK
We worked with the YCSC and the design agency that were developing a new branding feel for the company and supplied all the stock imagery that was used throughout this project from implementation into their new website through to brochures and business cards.

Image licensing is available to all registered businesses, such as advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, marketing industries, government bodies and more. The licensing fee is calculated according to type of advertising, the publication if applicable, reproduction size, print run, territories and the overall licensing rights being requested. If you would like to find out further information and discuss matters further with us directly then please send us your details and requested usage to the email address below. If you have an image in mind that you have seen on our website here or even several that you have selected then please also include 'thumbnails' of those in your email to us so that we can identify those quickly for you and make the process as simple and effective as possible.

Please contact us for more details regarding options available.


Licensing and what it actually means
Sometimes people can find the whole area of licensing and copyright very confusing. In simple terms
Copyright is about who owns the images.
Licensing is about who has the right to reproduce the images.

Traditional licensing
This can be both Non-exclusive or Exclusive and means that the image is licensed for a specific purpose or use.
Sometimes referred to as 'Royalty Free' and 'Rights Managed'

The buyer pays a licence fee for the use of the image. Be aware that another buyer can also purchase and use the same image however,
hence 'Non-Exclusive' The buyer must specify, each time: intended use, media, territory and duration.
Pricing is based on intended use, media, duration and territory.

Exclusive (Rights Managed)
The buyer pays a licence fee each time they use the image.
The buyer obtains exclusive use of an image under the terms of the licence: these terms may affect the use, media, territory and/or duration in which the image can by used by other buyers.
Rights protection can be an advantage for high-profile projects such as ad campaigns and promotions.
Pricing for this type of licence varies and very much depends on the terms for the image use being requested.
If 'exclusivity' is required then you should typically expect to pay between 25-40% more to guarantee an exclusive licence against the image / images for the period agreed, normally 6 months.

Royalty Free licensing
This is the simplest form of licensing and the price is driven by the actual image file size to be provided.
*Please note that not all Ambient Life Images are Royalty Free.
As a customer you will pay a one-off fee. You are not required to pay royalties to Ambient Life on the use-by-use basis.
Be aware however this type of license in NOT exclusive and you will not know who else is using the image.

Model and Property Release
Please note that you will be required to state intended use and under what format regardless of license as some images may require a 'release' to be presented. A model release or property release is a written agreement between the model or property owner and the photographer where the model or property owner has granted the photographer permission to use the photographs commercially. Releases generally permit the use of the image or images for all purposes however there are exceptions where the use could be deemed controversial, sensitive or defamatory.

Working with Art Buyers and Marketing companies through our Stock Photography Catalogue
Over the years AmbientLife have worked with many marketing agencies, art directors and sometimes directly for companies to assist in projects where the client was looking for a specific type of image for a campaign but that perhaps did not warrant a dedicated shoot. We have a lot of experience in the supply of 'stock syndicated photography' which we license for a project or client to allow then access to dynamic and high-quality photography at a cost often less than would result from a dedicated shoot. This may be an automotive based shot featuring a high value car, landscape or lifestyle image as in the case of some of our multi million-pound super yacht photography, or indeed a piece of 'detailed' photography as in the case here with our client Glass's Guide'. They approached us recently through their main marketing agency and were looking for a series of simple but bold car related images to be stylised and used in conjunction with the launch of their new mobile phone-based App.

This is a professional service from Ambient Life the offers a real cost-efficient opportunity for art buyers, designers and industry clients to acquire high impact professional quality stock photography at a efficient cost that is often far lower than that of a fully commissioned shoot.
Most of the imagery on our main website is available for licensing as a stock photograph for commercial advertising or editorial needs unless otherwise stated and we would always advise you contact us to discuss your needs even if at first your chosen image appears unavailable as close image alternatives maybe a solution and are often available at request.

All of our work is shot on very high-end digital equipment such as Medium Format Digital Hasselblad Camera's giving you the assurance that quality is not something that you need to be concerned about unlike some $10 stock libraries. We also are very proud to have an extremely comprehensive library of automotive car photography including such prestige brands as Aston Martin, Ferrari and many others. We hold stock of many classic cars and rare heritage models such as the DB5 through to the world famous £1.2 million-pound Aston Martin One77 that photographer Tim Wallace shot at the Aston Martin Design Centre in Gaydon England. We also supply stock photography in other area's such at Aviation, landscape, cityscape, environment and lifestyle for editorial use and we are always happy to discuss through options with art buyers and marketing teams to ensure that you get the right photography for your project for the maximum impact without the need for a high budget and a dedicated shoot when perhaps budget or time constraints simply will not permit.

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