Terberg Matec Ltd
Worksop Operations

Over the last 3 months we have been shooting a large project for our client Terberg Matec Ltd.
Commercial photographer Tim Wallace was tasked by Terberg Matec to shoot all the different vehicle variations that Terberg Matec deploy within their business operations.
The work was shot over a period of months given the logistical factors involved so that the work had no direct impact on day to day operations of the business and has now been fully completed.
The work will be used both within their commercial global web sites and also for brochures and show stand events.
Terberg Matec UK is firmly established as one of the UK’s leading names in the waste handling and recycling equipment markets. The company is justifiably proud of their reputation for having one of the best teams in the business.
Terberg has built and continues to build its organisation on the principle of providing customers with what they want most; consistency of personnel, industry-wide experience, in-depth knowledge and reliability.
Add to this, a range of services that more than ably demonstrate its commitment to service, and you can see why more and more local authorities and commercial waste companies put their trust in Terberg.
Terberg Matec UK is dedicated to producing quality products and services, which continue to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers in all respects of Quality, Cost, Performance, Safety and Reliability.

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