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New Partnership with YellowKorner


We are very pleased to announce that this morning we have had our work officially launched by YellowKorner, one the largest Worldwide galleries selling photography and art. We have been working closely with YellowKorner over the last two years to secure the deal which initially sees four pieces of aviation based work being released throughout the world, across 150 galleries in 30 countries. …Read the full article here

Welcome to Striling GP Ltd


This week commercial photographer Tim Wallace was on location in the North of England shooting for a new client that recently joined us, Sterling GP Ltd. Our work covered both their plant bodies and new concrete mixer vehicles and will be used in a new website redesign and for marketing and brochure material. …Read the full article here

Celebrating 17 Amazing Years


Today we are celebrating 17 years of commercial photography, working with some amazing people, and agencies, all to provide our clients with the very best photography that we can. Through all these years of 'chasing the light' we have experienced the very best locations and opportunities and would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has been apart of our journey. …Read the full article here

The P51 Mustang


P-51D MUSTANG WD-C was built at the North American Aviation production line at Inglewood California in mid 1944 with the serial number 44-73877 and assigned to the USAAF from July 1945 – 1951. WD-C later took the colours of Col Donald Blakeslee, Commanding officer of the 4th Fighter Group, the Debden Eagles and is currently being maintained and flown by The Biggin Hill Heritage Hanger. …Read the full article here

Two shifts on active duty with HELIMED56


3 single tones through the radio that everyone carries at all times and within 120 seconds the rotors are turning and we lift.
These are just some of the images captured last week whilst photographer Tim Wallace was on active duty with HELIMED56 to document the crucial work that they do to preserve life often meeting people experiencing the worst day of their lives. …Read the full article here

Terberg Control Systems in IJsselstein, Netherlands


This week we were back in Holland and photographer Tim Wallace spent the day within the operations and production processes on Terberg TCS (Terberg Control Systems) to document their role within the Terberg Environmental business.
All the photography that Tim created is being used to build a completely new website for the division and will launch in early 2024 as well as being used for marketing and company communications. …Read the full article here

Terberg YT203EV - Rotterdam


This week we were Rotterdam for our client Terberg Environmental to photograph their new Port Tractor, the YT203EV, which represents the next generation electric terminal tractors.
The shoot was carried out at the Vlissingen Port in Rotterdam and all the material produced will be used by Terberg for marketing, corporate product website and product communications. …Read the full article here

New work for client Rotolight with the Anova PRO 3


A few months ago we were in studio for one of our longterm clients, Rotolight, to shoot the launch and marketing images for their new lighting product the Anova PRO 3. This month saw the launch of that into the market and we are delighted to see the new lighting system being received very well and with great reviews. …Read the full article here

British Photography Awards 2023


We are delighted to announce that photographer Tim Wallace has been shortlisted for his Commercial Photography in the 2023 British Photography Awards that will be held in London in November. …Read the full article here

New work for client Chippindale Plant Hire


Chippindale Plant Hire have been a long-term client of ours for many years The company approached us recently when they started the massive task of completely rebuilding and branding their main business website. A truly massive task for the team as the Chippindale business is spread across numerous UK sites and their web presence is a very large and detailed one that offers their customers the ease of hire choice and service. Photographer Tim Wallace working closely with the team and after 11 days of very intense work, we are happy to report that the photography for the project is now completed. …Read the full article here

Welcome to new client, TerraTank


This month we would like to welcome TerraTank as a new client. The company contacted us a few months ago as they are in the planning and design stages of a new corporate website and wanted to get a wide-ranging scope of high-quality photography that would reflect their business, its operations as well as the tank related products and services that it offers. We spent a week working with the TerraTank team at their main centre in Andover as well as on location to capture the photography required that is now being used in marketing and also for their new online sites. …Read the full article here

New Work For Lexus


We started working with Lexus a few years ago when we first shot in studio with the RC300H F Sport Black Edition. This week we were on location to shoot the Lexus UX 250h F Sport Edition for our client at a London house location specially chosen for the shoot.
The UX 250h is a self-charging hybrid and is powered by 4th generation hybrid technology. …Read the full article here

New Podcast Interview


This week photographer Tim Wallace was speaking to Kersten Luts from Camera Shake about his career in commercial photography where he openly discusses what it is like working within the transport sector as well as his own personal views on what it takes to get a client, keep a client and grow that business relationship longterm. …Read the full article here

HM Coastguard Search And Rescue (SAR)


Over the last few years commercial photographer Tim Wallace has spent time with the Bristow SAR Operation (Search and Rescue) based at Prestwick in Scotland for HM Coastguard. The service is maintained and run by Bristow Group and is operational 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year to help rescue and recover people hurt or in distress quite literally anywhere. …Read the full article here

Westland Sea King HAR3 SAR Helicopter


The Westland Sea King is most probably one of the Worlds most recognised and well-known helicopters. The Sea King was the mainstay of RAF search and rescue operations for many years, and the sole type used for this role since the Wessex was phased out in the 1990s. The Sea King HAR3 entered RAF service in 1978, and has since been augmented by the improved HAR3A version. Today, there is a global fleet of more than 70 Sea King aircraft still active with six international operators. …Read the full article here

New work with client HELIMED56 Air Ambulance


Last week we were live on operations for several days with our client HELIMED56, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. Photographer Tim Wallace started working with HELIMED56 some years ago after qualifying under CAA regulations to fly on active tasking with the crew and integrate into their crew whilst attending emergency callouts. He achieved this through passing a series of tests and exams so that he could work very closely with our client and this reflects in the work that he produces which then goes onto be used to raise awareness and funding to keep the operation flying. …Read the full article here

Welcome to new client, Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance


We would like to welcome Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance HELIMED 21 and 60 this month as a new client. Photographer Tim Wallace recently spent some time with the pilots, paramedics and doctors of KSS to capture the day to day lives of these amazing crews that work tirelessly to provide rapid response emergency medical care with their Leonardo AW169 helicopters and rapid response vehicles. …Read the full article here

Further brochure work for Electra


Transport photographer Tim Wallace was back at the UK Electra site this week for further follow on work to shoot some behind the scenes of engineers building and working on just a few of their new electric vehicles as well as completing some brochure photography of two new electric chassis designs. Tim continues to work closely with our client as they develop and progress further in this new technology. …Read the full article here

Work with Terberg Machines in the Netherlands


This week we were over in the Netherlands shooting for Terberg Machines to document their facility and show their build processes. Tim has spent many years working for Terberg across most of its UK operations and following the success of that work we are now involved in work directly over in Holland where the company originates. We look forward to working with many of the company's other Holland based divisions over the coming years. …Read the full article here

New Work with electric vehicle client Electra


This week photographer Tim Wallace was shooting new work with our client Electra to produce further commercial photography that our client is using to enhance their new commercial website and marketing material. The focus of this project shoot was a new range of electric based trucks and vehicles that the company have now launched as demand grows across different industry sectors. …Read the full article here

Welcome to new client Classic Racing Spirit


In the latter part of 2022, we started to work with a new client, Classic Racing Spirit, to assist with the photography for a new gin that they were planning to launch. We are very pleased to announce that the gin has now been approved by the Imperial War Museum and Classic Racing Spirits new Hurricane Gin. All the photography featured in the promotion and on the actual bottles produced has been supplied by AmbientLife and we look forward to working with out new client on other new exciting products in 2023. …Read the full article here

Welcome to Verus Capital


We would like to welcome Verus Capital as a new client. We were recently approached by the design agency Felix & Friends and asked to assist in their work for the new company launch and rebranding of Verus Captial through the supply of high-quality stock photography that would be used to form the main imagery on the new company website. Verus Capital are specialists in offering fast and discreet secured short-term loans on luxury assets, from classic and vintage cars, watch collections and modern or fine art. …Read the full article here

The Journey through 2022


Today we launched a new set of our very popular Digital Client Books. These are broken down into the 3 specific transport area's that Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace operates in mainly, Automotive, Aviation, and finally Specialised Vehicles. Each book is a sample of the client work that we have produced within that sector and offer a broad example of the style and type of work that we have successfully completed for our clients recently. …Read the full article here

The Spitfire Company Limited - New Website Launch


This week one of our aviation clients, The Spitfire Company Limited, launched their new website. We worked closely with the Spitfire team to shoot all the new image assets for this very major project, working with them directly to help them through the build process and ensure that we covered all the many aspects of the services and experiences that they offer. The new website has been really well received and we think it looks great and is a great window through to what people can experience through the flights and tours that they offer. …Read the full article here

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance - New Advertising work


We have been working with our client Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance for a number for years now and this week we were putting together some work for our client who will be using it generate advertising and billboards in the south of England to raise awareness for the service and promote people to think and stay safe. The role that they play is crucial and the service entirely relies on donations to keep it in the air which is why advertising and awareness is so very important in what they generate out in the public domain. …Read the full article here