Celebrating 17 Amazing Years

Today we are celebrating 17 years of commercial photography, working with some amazing people, and agencies, all to provide our clients with the very best photography that we can. Through all these years of 'chasing the light' we have experienced the very best locations and opportunities and would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has been apart of our journey.
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Tim - "Today marks 17 years in since I started AmbientLife, drafting my business plan out on a kitchen table.
Over the years I have had the honour of working with some truly amazing people.
Through it all I have stuck to my own 5 key beliefs of what I need to do for my clients and keep my business healthy through the ups and downs we all experience.

1. Expect shit to go south, expect it and plan for it, always have a backup plan and always appear calm and in control no matter what. It's your job to get past problems and solve them.
2. Understand that you are just a cog in the machine, you are not the machine itself, it's not all about you, everyone around you has their own stuff to deal with and get done so be a team player.
3. When times are quiet, plan and plant the seeds that will grow into new clients and commissions. Some will take weeks, some will take years, but if you don't plant the seeds, you will never get the harvest.
4. Be kind and always be professional no matter what the situation you find yourself in. People will remember you for your work but they will also remember you for what the whole experience was like of working with you.
5. Never over promise but always aim to over deliver. The best thing for most clients is having somebody engaged on a project that they not only feel confident will deliver the results every time but also somebody who does not need babysitting. The guy that just says to them, send me the brief and I'll get it sorted out. They are busy and they pretty much always look for that security so give it to them.

I just want to thank everyone I have worked with for being part of this journey so far and I look forward to what lays ahead."

photography, commercial photography, ambient life, tim wallace

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