2019 Review

2019, What a journey and what a year!

Firstly and most importantly I would like to thank all the amazing people that I have worked with over the year, clients and agencies alike, all of you are part of AmbientLife and have very much played a key role in all the success we have enjoyed together during 2019. The simple truth is that without you we would not be where we are today. So a very big thank you to you all for your support, and for all the projects that we have worked together on over the last twelve months.
2019 has been one of our busiest years to date and during that time we have seen 16 new clients join AmbientLife, a total of 53 client commissions fully completed including 11 client brochures.

Some of our new clients in 2019

BBC Studios and UKTV became clients earlier in 2019 as they were in the process of filming a 7-part series 'Warbird' that is based around 7 key vintage aircraft. We were asked to work with the team to produce all the stills photography for the series. The imagery from the shoot that will be used within the series and its marketing as well as TV EPG placements etc. The series will air in February 2020

Forst and Redwood Global joined us in very early 2019. Forst is one of the industries longest standing manufacturers of Wood chipping machines in the World today and approached us to look at taking their product photography to the next level.
Tim worked closely with Forst and Redwood Global to create a whole new creative stance for their products Moving forward from this Tim will be back in studio again with the Forst team in 2020 to continue working through the further products and the partnership will work over the coming years to totally rework their entire range as well as new products as they become available.

Terberg Matec Ltd became a new client when Tim was contacted through the group to document and shoot the groups UK facilities and operations. Terberg Matec UK is firmly established as one of the UK’s leading names in the waste handling and recycling equipment markets. The company is justifiably proud of their reputation for having one of the best teams in the business. Terberg has built and continues to build its organisation on the principle of providing customers with what they want most; consistency of personnel, industry-wide experience, in-depth knowledge and reliability.

McLaren went from strength to strength with us completing all of the photography for 2 new brochures in 2019. The MSO (McLaren Special Operations) HDK (High Downforce Kit) and the Super Series Accessories Brochure that launched in early December 2019.

The Super Series brief was to create all the photography for required for our client ‘McLaren’ to be used in the production of their new Super Series Accessory Brochure that would launch globally in late December 2019. The shot list was comprehensive and consisted of both full body shots as well and complex overheads and all the upgrades and optional parts and accessories that were to be offered to McLaren owners. A total of 43 separate and completed images were required, all needing to be consistent with each other in style and feel and all high in quality as the client would be using them in both web form and in print media.
The entire shoot was based around the McLaren 720s and we would be working with 2 specific cars with the 720s Coupe and the 720s Spider, both in different colours. These vehicles would all be fitted with the options and various accessories to allow us to capture everything from the handcrafted carbon through to the smallest of details and modifications as well as covering all the interior work across both cars.

Rotolight joined us as a client in mid 2019 when the company approached us to shoot all the product launch material for a new lighting product that they went public with on the 10th September this year, Titan
The Titan system represents a new leap forward in LED technology and we were very happy to be asked to create all the imagery for its launch and for use within the Rotolight commercial website for marketing.
in 2020 we will be continuing our work with Rotolight when we shoot the product photography for the new Titan X2

Theon Design Ltd
Tim started shooting for Theon a few months ago when they were putting the finishing build together on their new Porsche Recreation 911 the GER001. Tim worked closely with Theon and took the completed car into studio in the UK where he shot all the photography of the car that would be used both for its launch, which took place on the 10th November 2019, as well as for the Theon new brochures and website content.

Totus Ltd
In the early part of 2019 we were approached by Totus who were seeking some high-quality studio photography of two new vehicles that they had developed, the Muller, and the KOKs. The photography was to be used in both brochures and commercial advertising as well as at special display events and shows. Commercial transport photographer Tim Wallace worked closely with the company over the summer months and last week he spent the week in studio in the UK to create the image assets that we had been tasked to produce.

My Thoughts on 2019

Tim -"One of the most important things that I have learned also over the last year is the importance of the work / life balance. In the early years it really was shocking the number of hours that I was working, time spent both developing and improving my own technical abilities behind the camera but also with the inner workings of the business. It is very easy when you are in the first years of a new business to get totally engrossed in it and that can easily then become a way of life. It is great to push hard and be the best that you can but it’s also important to have time for ‘you’, and for those in your life that surround you. I am incredibly lucky to have a wonderful family and a totally amazing wife, Angela. Like me she has a ‘big career’ with lots of responsibilities in her world but we are, and always have been, very much each other’s rock and always will be. She is not only my wife but also my best friend and I am very lucky to have the amazing support and love that she brings to my life. I can honestly say that my wife has a played a huge role over the last few years keeping my path uncluttered and my head straight when things all get manic. Over 25 years ago we both sat enjoying a cheeky glass or two of wine and I spoke to her about a dream I had to one day be a successful professional photographer, I even had a name in mind back then, AmbientLife… Angela was as supportive then as she is now in my dreams and without her things would I know have been very different."

"2019 I can honestly say it’s been a rollercoaster, like any business, there have been amazing times and there have been hard times, wonderful moments and sleepless nights. Some people have said over the years to me that I have been lucky, in all honesty I don’t really believe in luck, I believe in hard work and persistence. Nothing in this life that has any real value long-term comes easy, you need to be prepared to work hard even though at times hard work is not enough on its own. There is of course no point working hard on a course if that is not taking you anywhere so there are also the key elements of being able to adapt when required, evolve and most of all when failure hits you need to be prepared to learn from that, use it to your benefit, get back on your feet and push forward again. I am passionate about my business, as I am passionate about my work and also my clients because all these all drive me forward to do the very best that I can and succeed. I strongly believe that one of the biggest strengths in the commercial arena is to be known as a professional person that can consistently produce a high-quality end product every time. Your clients are your future and also your reputation so that is where the real reward is."

"I have met some amazing people and seen and experienced some amazing things. It has been a fantastic journey and one that I would not change in any way at all. Over the last 12 months I have also continued to evolve and adapt my business to changes that have recently affected some of the market sectors that I work in and in some ways, it’s been a little like staring at that blank sheet of paper again. We are now doing a lot more large vehicle and aviation work as well as pushing forward into working for logistics and specialist vehicle clients such as Forst. I firmly believe that all good businesses should embrace evolution and change through the course of their life and it’s been an exciting time. Sure, there are challenges, but these are good, these allow us to look deeply at what we are doing and the direction we are going, making an alteration to your course slightly is a good thing and it can also teach you a lot about yourself and your business along the way."

"Business is good, in fact business is great actually. I am continuing to build on my reputation with existing clients as well and develop and nurture new relationships. From my own perspective my business feels more solid than it ever has and I have all the opportunities to continue to build on this platform. From a creative point of view also I feel great, following the slight shift into more commercial transport related work I feel that my own experiences and knowledge creatively has growth possibly more in the last 2 years than it ever has. Its a good place to be but as always there is no time to sit back because the machine moves on and with it so do my ideas and plans."

The future could be many things, all I know is that my future is out there shooting, because that is where amazing things can happen.

Thank you
Tim Wallace

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